Altair 2nd Australian PBS User Group

Altair brings together customers and key users/administrators of its technology to present case studies, share ideas, provide feedback and learn the current requirements and expectations from a workload management perspective in the field of High Performance Computing. This PBS user group forum will also discuss the future direction of HPC and workload management, thereby also define the way forward for developing PBS Works at Altair.

Who should attend?

All industry practitioners, investigators, users and those inquisitive to learn more about HPC and workload management. We would like to bring you all together with Altair’s PBS users to further discuss their workload management uses, feedback on Altair products, and learn more about the future of product design.

Why should you attend?

  • Interest in linking HPC/Supercomputers with Cloud Computing and learn more about HPC & Workload management?
  • Interested to provide core feedback to embark Altair’s future direction to help its key customers?
  • To share information about what people are up to, their progress, the tricks they learnt, and the questions they want to ask their peers.
  • Gain greater understanding from the speakers who are people from the audiences & interested in sharing their experience in this area
  • Direct communication with experts from Altair.
  • Network with people from broad range of advanced defence & educational industries.
PBS Works is used by thousands of organizations worldwide to simplify the administration and use of cluster, cloud and supercomputing environments.

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  Brisbane, Queensland Australia

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