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Today engineering teams need to deliver more robust and innovative products with processes and solutions at an ever increasing pace. This requires the exploration of multiple scenarios and is limited by the ability to mobilize resources quickly. Firms need on-demand access to HPC, and data management that can be supported with minimal IT burden.

HyperWorks Unlimited is a state-of-the art cloud appliance available in both physical and virtual formats, offering unlimited use of all Altair software. Altair’s CAE cloud appliances address the unique needs of enterprises by providing access to an HPC infrastructure at an affordable cost. This allows engineers and scientists access to hardware, software and have HPC support that enables robust product designs.

Powered by Altair’s enterprise software, PBS Works, Altair's cloud-based HyperWorks Unlimited appliances provide users with a secure cloud-based platform (either on-premise or off-premise) to run, monitor and manage their simulations and meet their computing needs. Large groups of engineers that consume solutions daily to deliver world class products benefit from Altair’s extensive application portfolio and rich HPC workload management solutions.


Altair is truly the only company uniquely positioned to maximize the potential of the cloud and productize HPC for organizations. Only Altair delivers both HPC workload management AND simulations applications — nobody understands the needs of HPC users better.

Who Needs Cloud Solutions?
Both HyperWorks Unlimited Physical Appliance and HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance are ideal solutions for companies of all sizes and provide a competitive advantage to users in a broad range of industries.
  • Small firms can now perform engineering and simulation once only available to OEMs without the need for extensive capital and IT. HPC capabilities are democratized so that everyone can engage in DOE and become more competitive in a matter of minutes.
  • Medium-sized businesses can now afford to expand their HPC resources because they are no longer constrained by solver licenses.
  • Larger organizations with dispersed regional engineering centers can quickly add new and additional capacity with local support at the department level who otherwise would have no local HPC compute resources or support.
HyperWorks Unlimited Physical Appliance:
A private cloud solution that is optimized for CAE with properly configured hardware and software, offering unlimited use of all Altair software within the appliance. Altair is the only company to offer best-in-class application software, HPC workload management tools, and industry leading licensing and business model to fit growing simulation needs.

HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance:
A CAE cloud solution, bringing software as a service (SaaS), platform and infrastructure as a service SaaS offering to Altair customers within a single and intuitive portal. Powered by PBS Works, for access to the entire suite of products offered by Altair for FEA.

Hybrid Solution:
Organizations are able to build their own hybrid solution to manage their on premises HPC resources and cloud based resources using PBS Works to meet their unique needs. By leveraging Altair’s tools, organizations will experience rapid scalability, with increased computational speed and performance, in order to achieve the most efficient utilization of assets, when they are needed through intelligent resource management.

Rely on the Power of PBS Works
The HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance platform leverages PBS Works, the market-leading HPC workload management suite and named “#1 HPC Software” by HPCwire readers. The PBS Works suite provides modern and intuitive framework for:
  • Resource provisioning
  • Workload management and scheduling
  • Security and licensing framework
  • Enabled remote visualization, notification and collaboration
The PBS Works suite provides the following solutions:
  • PBS Professional®: Robust, Secure, Scalable & Flexible world class HPC Workload management environments that manages some of the largest clusters in the world.
  • Compute Manager: Comprehensive web based portal for job submission, monitoring and result exploration.
  • Display Manager: Web portal for remote visualization for big data leading to an immersive interactive experience even in environments with challenging data latencies.
  • PBS Analytics™:Powered by Envision cloud based analytics providing rich dashboards for in depth understanding of HPC workload usage
  • Altair SAO: Powered by Envision cloud based analytics enables visualization and analysis of global software inventories and utilization rates across facilities, divisions, departments and users.
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