We are committed to the vision of:

    • Developing a meaningful and effective strategy for engaging with all stakeholders.
    • Partner with credible organisations like foundations, trusts, etc. including non-government organisations.
    • Minimizing the impact on environment through sustainable means.


    The key Purpose of this policy is to define:
    • Scope of CSR
    • An overview of activities to be implemented, in line with Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013.
    • Process and mechanism for implementation and monitoring of the CSR activities/projects.
    • Criteria for partner implementation agencies.
    • Accounting Surplus, arising out of CSR Projects.

    Policy Statement

    Our CSR Policy focuses on addressing critical social, environmental and economic needs of the Society & Community.

    Scope of CSR activities at Altair

    As a practice, we classify only those projects that are over and above our normal course of business as CSR. This policy applies to all our CSR projects and it will be further reviewed and updated.

    Normal Course of Business:

    Altair’s corporate culture thrives on seeking out business and technology firsts to radically change the way organizations design products and make decisions. We are focused on the development and broad application of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions for our clients’ improved business performance.

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